Greetings from Girdwood!

Girdwood (population 1,794) rests at Mile 90 on Seward Highway, nestled between Chugach State Park and Chugach National Forest. It’s home to the fabulous Alyeska Resort, which must be insanely crowded in the winter. I’m renting a room in a cozy condominium literally at the foot of the slopes! Potential visitors, take note: the Food Network named local restaurant the Double Musky Inn’s pepper steak the best in the U.S. (I’m still a vegetarian, though!)

I spent my first few days settling in at AWCC, meeting my neighbors, visiting information booths along Seward Highway, and configuring my mail at the post office. Of course it’s no surprise to those who know me well that I also scouted out the Girdwood Library. Its hours are a little spotty, but I’m happy for the unexpected opportunity to check out DVDs and books with my $10 Anchorage Municipal Libraries Non-Resident membership. I’m also fortunate for the über-thick sleep mask Maggie picked out with puffy black padding underneath the eyes. How curious it is to fall asleep before the sun sets!


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