A Happy Birthday in Alaska

Sunrays finally softened the rain clouds on my twenty-third birthday, August 17th. I spent the morning on a lake boat cruise to nearby Portage Glacier, which was a pleasant little trip. Afterwards I stopped by the Begich, Boggs Visitor Center— hard to believe it was one of the first places I scouted in the neighborhood almost two months ago. That afternoon I worked for nearly three hours at the printer in Anchorage making the final edits to my brochures. How exciting to sign off on all ten proofs! I think they look great and I hope you will too.

The drive back down Turnagain Arm was just beautiful, so I decided to hike Mount Alyeska in my backyard. Two big bull moose impeded the upper trail! That night, I put on a dress for the first time in two months and even blow-dried my hair. Energized for a celebratory meal, I pulled into the parking lot of the Double Musky… and it was closed.

Va bene. The escapade certainly cinched my first birthday that didn’t really feel like a birthday, probably because I am getting old! Thank you so much to all who sent well wishes. I do wonder where my life is going to go, but much of my happiness derives from the surprises and unknowns. For now, I can’t wait for the lobster dinner greeting me at home!

My most ridiculous Alaskan portrait

My most ridiculous Alaskan portrait

Girdwood from above

Girdwood from above


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