Au Revoir, Lower 48!

Steel-toed boots? Check. Nikon Speedlight flash? Check. Tripod ball head adapters? Check. 77mm UV filters? Check. Wireless lavalier? Check. A few other items I researched, purchased, and tested: Seagate hard drives, pigskin gloves, and a new macro lens. Am I forgetting anything? After a month of frenzied preparation and a week of barely any sleep, I think I’ve finally whipped my gear into shape (and four suitcases).

Ready for the Arctic amidst the palm trees! Can you spot my balaclava?

Many people have gone above and beyond to make this phenomenal job possible, and the outpouring of support (especially during the last few days) has been extremely gratifying! Special thanks to Rob Dunbar, Julie Kennedy, Thomas Hayden, and the Earth Systems Program; Kevin Arrigo, Gert van Dijken, and Lynsey Hays in the Environmental Earth Systems Science Department; Helen Doyle, Michael Sean Heflin, and Max Borella in the School of Earth Sciences; Doug Osheroff and Marcia Keating in the Physics Department; Louis Bergeron and Jack Hubbard at the Stanford News Service; Jennifer Foerster in the Creative Writing Program; Stephen Cole at NASA; and Carlee Brown my roommate. My deepest gratitude goes to my parents, for raising me to be zany enough to jump at the opportunity to spend six weeks on an icebreaker in the Arctic!


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