Summer 2010

After three hectic quarters in California, I’m very happy for a break. Although this first year of my Earth Systems master’s degree has been rather busy, I’m glad that I remained at Stanford to focus on environmental communication. My program has significantly developed my current long-term goal to be one of the foremost nature photographers and creative nonfiction writers of my generation.

Hence I’m thrilled to depart for Alaska again, this time for a NASA-sponsored Arctic Ocean scientific research cruise to investigate the impacts of climate change upon the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas! My professor Kevin Arrigo, chief scientist, hired me as a student journalist to document the trip through writing, photography, and video. The six-week position is truly my dream job and I feel very fortunate. My work will appear on the official ICESCAPE 2010 blog and you can also follow the voyage on Twitter.

We’ll be living aboard a four-hundred-foot Coast Guard icebreaker that leaves Dutch Harbor on June 15 and steams back into Seward on July 21, after which I’ll spend some time at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center where I volunteered last summer, and then a few days in the temperate Hoh Rainforest on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula with my cousin Maggie Smith. I’ll touch down at Logan Airport on August 2 and absolutely cannot wait for a full month with my family waking up to the sounds of halyards clattering on Restless! Finally, I’ll return to Stanford in early September for an intensive nature drawing seminar before school starts.

I’m very excited for a summer of creativity, wilderness, and sea legs!


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